Case Study - Nohona Coconut Oil

  • Assignment: Transform Nohona from a boutique product into a mass marketable brand in order to attract investment capital for the fulfillment of a shared vision.
  • Support: Nohona is Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil free from anything artificial, no parabens, no preservatives and naturally fragrance-free. Named Nohona, Hawaiian for “Our Way of Life” because the vision has always been to develop a family of luxurious coconut oil based products that complement a healthy, all-natural lifestyle.
  • Mythology: Throughout the age of Polynesian expansion two orbs were of paramount influence. The moon, strong enough to pull the oceans across the earth - yet predictable enough to provide a reliable beacon for wayward canoes. And the coconut offering the lifeblood food, drink and material required for survival on long and treacherous sea voyages. The new brand identity and package design reflect the healthy, ancient Hawaiian way of life, represented by the intersection between the moon and the coconut palm.