Case Study - G2 Components llc.

  • Assignment: Leverage “G2” lore to rebrand G2 Components, a rare and discontinued electronic components brokerage.
  • Support: G2 traditionally refers to the United States Army; Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff in charge of Intelligence established prior to the American Civil War and has since been colloquialized to mean simply "intelligence."
  • Mythology: G2 Components Inc., inspired by the military tradition has conscripted "G2" to represent Procurement Intelligence, in that it's mission is to endlessly scour the globe for hard-to-find and obsolete electronic components. G2's insignia is marked in the center by a key, symbolic of authority and dominion, combined with lightning bolts signifying worldwide electrical communications. The lightning bolt out front and it's clandestine companion combine to form four points representing four functions; the collection, analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence.